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from Savopoulos and a text message sent from the phone of his wife, Amy, 47, telling her not to come to the house. Also slain before the house was set on fire was the couple’s 10 year old son, Philip, and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa. "Right now it does not appear that this was a random crime," Lanier said. The police chief did not discuss any possible motives and repeatedly declined to describe any evidence. However, The Washington Post reported that Savopoulos’s personal assistant dropped off a package containing $40,000 in cash at the home the morning of May 14 after a flurry of phone calls between Savopoulos, a bank, an accountant, the personal assistant and his company. Savopoulos, 46, was the CEO of American Iron Works, which supplies major construction projects. The slayings inside his $4.5 million mansion terrorized Woodley Park, one of the capital’s most affluent neighborhoods, where high fences and elaborate security systems protect properties and police are a constant presence. The Savapoulos

this vision become real." "We have a lot of wealth surrounding this neighborhood within a stone’s throw, and for a long time people could just close their eyes to challenges that families face here," Murphy continued. "The Promise Zone gives us an opportunity to go out to people of means, to organizations of means, to companies of means, to tell them that we now have a federal investment in this neighborhood like we have never had before. We have a reason for you to invest alongside us." President Barack Obama introduced the Promise Zone initiative in his 2013 State of the Union address, calling for tax breaks to businesses that hire unemployed workers and a plan to "partner with 20 of the hardest hit towns in America to get these communities
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