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Hope told the Journal News. He said he motioned to her to come back and gave her room to reverse. But instead, she got back in her car and went forward on the tracks, he said. Nation World6 dead in New York commuter train crashSee all related8 "It looks like she stopped where she stopped because she didn’t want to go on the tracks," Hope he told WNYW TV. "It was dark, so maybe she didn’t know she was in front of the gate." Traffic was moving slowly at the time, choked with drivers seeking to avoid the Taconic
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Wholesale jerseys Among other things, investigators also planned to examine the tracks, interview the crew and find out whether the SUV had a data recorder of its own. Brody was a mother of three grown daughters and an active, outgoing member of her synagogue. And she was "not risky when it came to her safety

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