Ashcorp Building

Construction and Project Management

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? Maybe the same thing will happen to this year’s dream of a holographic world. Mind reading cell phones: Mobile devices will be aware of your surroundings and let you know what’s on special at the nearest pizza place. You’ll be able to take a picture of a landmark and have the mobile network tell you everything it knows about what you’re seeing. Four years later, this prediction looks like a sure thing, thanks to GPS aware smart phones and augmented reality apps. Nanotech for energy and the environment: Advances in nanomaterials will lead to new types of water filtering and desalination systems as well as lower cost solar power systems. Because engineers were already looking into these technologies four years ago, this was a pretty solid prediction. Just this summer, Stanford researchers announced the development of a water purifying filter that works 80,000 times faster than existing filters, thanks in part to nanotubes and silver nanowires. And several companies are working on printable thin film solar panels

inside the cab in the event of an accident. Regulators convened an industry labor advisory committee to work on possible regulations last year. But the committee has been unable to reach a consensus, and the railroad administration has said it will pursue regulations without the committee endorsement. However, it could be years before regulations are proposed and then made final. Rather than waiting for regulations, Amtrak will install the cameras on trains in the
Cheap nike jerseys Northeast Corridor on its own, the railroad president and CEO, Joseph Boardman, said recently. The NTSB recommendation on cameras was made as the board wrapped up an investigation into the Sept. 12, 2008 head on collision between a Metrolink commuter train and a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth, California.
Cheap wholesale jerseys The Metrolink train ran through a red signal. Twenty five people were killed and scores injured. The NTSB faulted the Metrolink train engineer for the collision, saying that he was distracted by text messages he was sending while on duty

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